Confederate Alphabet

A is for Anderson, foremost and least,

B is for Bethel, or Butler the Beast;

C is for Chase and also for Cheat,

D is for Darkies, Disaster, Defeat;

E is for Eagle, transformed to a crow,

F is the Flag spreading ruin and woe,

G is for Gibbet on which we will hang,

Hunter the Hound and all of his gang;

I is the infamy of which they are proud,

J  Johnson the Jackall, the Worst of the crowd;

K is the Kalendar of accidents dire,

L is for Lincoln the Long Legged Liar;

M's for McClellan who Richmond would see,

N is for Never, when his it shall be;

O shows what Yankees will make by the war,

Q is lor Query, "what is it all for?"

P, which was passed, stands for Puppy and Pope,

R is for Rosecrans, Rascal and Rope;

S stands for Seward, well surnamed the Snake,

T, the three months, the Rebellion will take;

U's for the Union of all that is base,

V for the Victories that never took place;

W for Winfield, whose victories groat,

Xerxes-like ended in shameful defeat;

Y stands for Yankees that self-esteemed nation,

Z is for Zero, their true valuation.

Chattanooga Rebel

The Southern Women of the Second American Revolution. (1863) H. W. R. Jackson, (Henry W. R.).

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